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StopTech® Big Brake Kits

They feature fully forged calipers with patented stiffening bridges, patented 2-piece AeroRotors® for optimized cooling, braided stainless steel brake lines, performance brake pads, mounting brackets and all necessary hardware to complete the installation. StopTech® Big Brake Kits were the first Balanced Brake Upgrades® on the market, offering optimized brake bias to utilize all the traction available from all four tires.


OPTION COLOR : BLUE/YELLOW +20,000/kit(+22000/kit 税込)



OPTION DRILLED ROTOR +30,000/kit(+33000/kit 税込)


・6pot Caliper(ST60) / 380x35mm rotor kit ........  544,000 (税込 598,400円)

・6pot Caliper(ST60) / 380x32mm rotor kit ........  530,000 (込 583,000円)

・6pot Caliper(ST60) / 355x35mm rotor kit ........  504,000 (込 554,400円)
・6pot Caliper(ST60) / 355x32mm rotor kit ........  490,000 (込 539,000円)


・4pot Caliper(ST40) / 355x35mm rotor kit ........  450,000 (込 495,000円)
・4pot Caliper(ST40) / 355x32mm rotor kit ........  437,000 (込 480,700円)

・4pot Caliper(ST40) / 345x28mm rotor kit ........  410,000 (込 451,000円)

・4pot Caliper(ST40) / 332x32mm rotor kit ........  384,000 (込 422,400円)

・4pot Caliper(ST40) / 328x28mm rotor kit ........  357,000 (込 392,700円)


・4pot Caliper(ST41) / 380x32mm rotor kit ........  464,000 (込 510,400円)

・4pot Caliper(ST41) / 355x32mm rotor kit ........  437,000 (込 480,700円)

・4pot Caliper(ST41) / 345x28mm rotor kit ........  410,000 (込 451,000円)



・2pot Caliper(ST22) / 355x32mm rotor kit ........  410,000 (込 451,000円)
・2pot Caliper(ST22) / 345x28mm rotor kit ........  410,000 (込 451,000円)

・2pot Caliper(ST22) / 328x28mm rotor kit ........  357,000 (込 392,700円)

・2pot Caliper(ST22) / 322x32mm rotor kit ........  370,000 (込 407,000円)

・2pot Caliper(ST22) / 282x25mm rotor kit ........  370,000 (込 407,000円)

StopTech®Touring Big Brake Kits

StopTech® Touring Kits offer the best performance from a 1-piece rotor upgrade system. Designed for street driven production vehicles, Touring Kits include the same forged 2-piece calipers as the StopTech® Big Brake Kits, as well as StopTech® Stainless Steel Brake Lines, StopTech® Street Performance Brake Pads, application-specific caliper brackets and hardware. The difference is in the use of larger than stock 1-piece rotors, which offer the most value to those seeking better performance than their factory setup.

・4pot Caliper(ST41) / 328x25mm 1pc rotor kit ... 264,000 (込 290,400円)



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