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各部を肉抜きした圧倒的な軽さと制動力を武器に、専用アルマイトの高級感ある仕上げが特別なBIG BRAKE KITです。


StopTech®Trophy Big Brake Kits

For ultimate track racing performance StopTech offers Trophy Race Big Brake Kits, with naturally anodized lightweight components designed to survive the rigors of racing. Trophy Kits feature fully forged, lightweight STR calipers, 2-piece AeroRotors®, braided stainless steel brake lines, mounting brackets and hardware.  The MAX Float hardware allows for the greatest amount of float between the hat and rotor.  These Trophy Race Kits are used on many of the top competitors in the SCCA Pro Pirelli World Challenge Championship as well as in Grand-Am and other race series.

・6pot Caliper(STR60) / 380x35mm rotor kit ... 644,000 (税込708,400円)

・6pot Caliper(STR60) / 380x32mm rotor kit ... 630,000 (税込693,000円)


・6pot Caliper(STR60) / 355x35mm rotor kit ... 604,000 (税込664,400円)
・6pot Caliper(STR60) / 355x32mm rotor kit ... 590,000 (税込649

・4pot Caliper(STR40) / 355x35mm rotor kit ... 550,000 (税込605,000円)
・4pot Caliper(STR40) / 355x32mm rotor kit ... 537,000 (税込590,700円)

・4pot Caliper(STR40) / 345x28mm rotor kit ... 510,000 (税込561,700円)

・4pot Caliper(STR40) / 332x32mm rotor kit ... 484,000 (税込532,400円)

・4pot Caliper(STR40) / 328x28mm rotor kit ... 457,000 (税込502,000円)

・4pot Caliper(STR41) / 380x32mm rotor kit ... 564,000 (税込620,400円)

・4pot Caliper(STR41) / 355x32mm rotor kit ... 537,000 (税込590,700円)

・4pot Caliper(STR41) / 345x28mm rotor kit ... 510,000 (税込561,700円)



・2pot Caliper(STR22) / 355x32mm rotor kit ... 510,000 (税込561,000円)
・2pot Caliper(STR22) / 345x28mm rotor kit ... 510,000 (税込561,000円)

・2pot Caliper(STR22) / 328x28mm rotor kit ... 457,000 (税込502,700円)

・2pot Caliper(STR22) / 322x32mm rotor kit ... 500,000 (税込550,000円)

・2pot Caliper(STR22) / 282x25mm rotor kit ... 470,000 (税込517,000円)


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